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How do I apply for a mortgage?

Get in touch with one of our qualified advisers by calling freephone 0808 1441004 or emailing They will happily talk you through your options and will help you complete the entire process.

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How much can I borrow?

Different lenders will look at this in slightly different ways. But in general it will depend on how much deposit you have, the amount that you earn (salary and certain other income), what other financial commitments you have (loans and credit cards etc) and what you can afford.

With so many different aspects to this the quickest way to establish this is to talk to one of our advisers who can run through your borrowing options. Call us on freephone 0808 1441004 or email

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How much deposit do I need?

The days of a mortgage for 100% of the property's value have pretty much disappeared. There are some low deposit mortgage options available requiring 5% of the property's value.

The level of deposit you require will depend on your circumstances but the higher the deposit you have in relation to the property's value the lower the interest rate generally is.

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Can I get a mortgage offer before I find a mortgage?

You can speak to our advisers about your situation and they can help you find the mortgage that best suits your needs and objectives.

Our advisers can then obtain an Agreement In Principle for your mortgage from a lender. However the lenders will not issue a formal mortgage offer until a valuation has been completed on the property you wish to buy or remortgage.

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What other costs are associated with a mortgage?

These additional costs should be considered when arranging a mortgage.

  • Solicitors Fees - Legal fees associated with the mortgage

  • Valuation and Survey Fees - Cost of getting your property valued and surveyed

  • Arrangement Fees - This will be applicable for some but not all mortgages

  • CHAPS Fee - The lender will usual charge for transferring the money

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Do I need buildings insurance?

It will usually be a condition of your mortgage that you have buildings insurance in place. This will need to be in place when you exchange contracts as this is when you become legally obliged to buy the property.

Call our advisers on or email to discuss what insurance options we can offer.

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Do I need life assurance?

Whether you take out a mortgage life assurance is not always mandatory. However having the piece of mind knowing that you have protection in place should anything happen offers your family security.

Our advisers can discuss what your options are and how best to cover your family for most eventualities. Call or email to discuss your protection questions.

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What is a fixed rate mortgage?

Basically this is a mortgage where the rate of interest is fixed for an agreed term. So over the course of this term you know that your monthly payments will be the same amount every month even if interest rates go up or down.

When the end of the term is reached the interest rate will usually revert to the lenders standard variable rate.

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