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Partners & Introducers

At Omni Finance we recognise that building successful professional relationships with our partners and introducers is the foundation to generating an extra and significant income stream to their businesses.


We are aware that Estate Agents, Lettings Agents, Solicitors and Accountants will undoubtedly have clients who will at some stage require high quality, tailored and impartial mortgage advice for which they need to refer onto a mortgage adviser as they are not regulated to give the advice themselves.


Omni Finance aim to maximise this income stream for you which will run parallel but not interfere with your main business. We understand that it is extremely important for Omni Finance to provide a high quality service to Clients referred by our Partners and Introducers. To this end we have access to the Whole of the Market as well as Exclusive Mortgage Deals and lenders not available to the general public.


Estate Agents


As a tried and tested business model in the industry, the Estate Agent and Mortgage work in harmony to provide a smooth transitional service to Clients.


Omni Finance can provide you with an In-House Experienced Mortgage Advisor if you think this is the best option for provision of a congruent service to your clients or we can provide a dedicated virtual advisor to deal with all your mortgage referrals and to service your clients.


Your clients will then benefit from a streamlined service with access to case tracking and have real time updates for your clients and for you the Partner/Introducer as transactional time constraints will apply for both parties.


Omni Finance will provide a dedicated Relationship Manager who will be a direct point of contact, always available to discuss matters by phone or face to face together with ongoing Management Information so we can discuss and review any issues and you will be able to view the flow of income due to you.


We can also provide training to your staff to maximise their ability to refer potential business. You will have no compliance burden or any further liabilities or costs to bear.


Letting Agents


In addition, Omni Finance can assist landlords to maximise their returns by sourcing re mortgage products that will yield better rates. Landlords will further benefit from help with financing new purchases by capital raising through re mortgaging of existing properties. Our service is regulated to give advice on all forms of insurance relevant to landlords and tenants. This gives Omni Finance the ability to ensure your landlords' best interests are serviced whilst you are receiving a percentage of all business conducted on their behalf.




It is well known that self employed clients can find it tougher to purchase or re mortgage their properties. Over the last few years lenders criteria has changed and their evaluation of self employed applicants has become far more stringent. As Whole of Market mortgage advisers we can offer your clients advice on the feasibility of any property projects they may have whether they are residential or commercial properties, buying as an individual or through a limited company.


An all encompassing solution to mortgages and protection. Using lenders and providers from the whole of the market to provide our clients with answers to their needs and objectives. Offering high quality independent advice and excellent service in a simple and efficient manner. First and foremost, we're always working in our clients best interests.


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